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Giving back, coming back, staying connected...volunteering
Volunteering Opportunities @ Alumni Association
There are many ways in which you can get involved with the association and its activities. If you find anything interesting please contact and take it forward. If your requests were not acknowledged (within a week), contact the president.
Alumni Activities
Conduct a local chapter event - Enhance networking within your chapter - Organize any kind of event (ex. bar events, music nights, golf events, picnics, guest speakers, dinner , Tournaments, etc.,) and share with the alumni members.
Chapters & Chapter Events
Local Chapters - To start a local chapter, to be involved in the activities in your area.
Alumni Networking
Batch Representative - Represent your batch - take initiative to maintain the database of your batch, be the mode of communication, update news/records, organize events and act as an active contact for your batch.
Fundraising Initiatives
Fundraising - Assist in fundraising at the grassroots level around the world. Leveraging our internet resources and database.
Academic Initiatives & Entrepreneurship
Lead academic initiatives - a gateway for the alumni members to talk on their areas of specialisation and share knowledge with the students. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership - Get involved in entrepreneurial events.
Memorial Scholarships
Initiate a memorial scholarship - individually or in a group. The best way to pay gratitude and serve the needy.
Corporate & University Linkages
If you would like to strengthen linkages between Alumni Association or RVCE and corporations (research tie-ups) and universities (PS stations, MS/PhD programs) please get involved.
Educational Loans for RVCE'ians
Need someone to compile information and keep it up to date. Help students to get loans for current study and further studies.
We Need a Co-Ordinator for this section. All requests are managed by Mr. Natesh Babu, till a co-ordinator is appointed.
RVCE - Alumni Association
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